Kroustas Park - Interesting walks near Agios Nikolaos   
Fire on Mount Oxa - Photos courtesy of Fraser Paintain
Elounda Video - Elounda on 'You Tube' 
Elounda Map - Interactive Google map  
Elounda -  Views in and around Elounda 
Mount Oxa - The lump of rock overlooking Elounda, views from the top
The Weather - The Heraklion weather
Elounda Walks - Walks around the environs of Elounda
Bars, Tavernas etc. - Elounda watering holes
Early Visitors - Gallery of friends and family
Visitors  - Friends of Elounda
Elounda People - Past and present
Samaria Gorge - A walk down the Samaria Gorge
Cretan Flora - Flowers of Crete, courtesy of Carol G.
Piccy of the month - Our (and your) attempts at photography - please contribute!

For emergencies: Police 100   Ambulance 166   Fire 199

Elounda Doctor

28410 42000

Elounda Police

28410 41348

Ag Nikolaos Doctor

28410 27551

Ag Nik Police

28410 22251

Elounda Taxis

28410 41151

Elounda Community Office

28410 41346

British Vice Consulate

2810 224012

Heraklion Airport

2810 397800

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Info about Elounda, forums etc.

Eklektos Book Shop

 Local Book Shop and Book Exchange in Elounda.


The locals' site.

Elounda Car Hire

Eagle car rental from Yiannis and Kristos.


 Excellent site for expats, plenty of practical info' and things to do.


Covers everything Cretan, also source of the Cretan Gazette.

Meteo Greece

Greek weather site, click on the town for a forecast.

Ko-Go Chronicles

Newspaper style set up covering Gouves & environs.

Greek Namedays

Find your name day for an extra celebration!

Phantis Soccer

Greek soccer, look for OFI and Ergotelis (both Cretan).

Petition against container port in Timbaki

Visit this site and sign the petition by following the links. Oppose the building of a huge container port on the south coast of Crete. Ask your friends to do the same.



Email any links you feel may be useful to visitors to Crete (use Contacts Page)

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