A few views in and around Elounda on the Greek island of Crete
Elounda is made up of four villages. The main village which is more commonly referred to as Elounda is Schisma (SCISMA) Elounda.     B
ehind the main village on two small hills are Mavrikiano and Kato (Lower) Elounda. Passing between these two villages is the road out of town which takes you to Pano or Epano (Higher) Elounda. This road continues up to Pines (Pin-ez) giving excellent views across the bay before it descends through the villages of Fourni and Kastelli to end at the town of Neapoli just off the National Road.

Mavrikiano, Kato and Schisma Elounda

Panorama of Elounda

Pano Elounda

Pano Elounda

Old House Pano Elounda

Pano Elounda

 Mavrikiano from Pano

Pano Elounda

Oxa from Pano

 Lemons in Pano

Flowers in Pano

Mavrikiano from the back

Elounda and Oxa

Kato and Pano Elounda

Kato Elounda

Elounda School

Pano and Oxa