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Akti Olous Restaurant  Elounda - Anne Port

Akti Olous restaurant Elounda

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Old Canal Bar from Bridge - CD

Windmill at dawn from Corali Appts. - John

Corinth Canal from Road Bridge #1 - CBD

Gramvousa - Balos Beach -
Carol Gladman

Canal Bar

Windmill Corali Elounda

Corinth Canal

#1. We know it's not Cretan but we were driving from Crete! :-)

Paleiochora Sundown -
Carol gladman

Elounda Harbour Early Evening -
Dave Akehurst

Kalyves, west Crete - CBD

Spinalonga Entrance - Rosalie Beale

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Grey heron on Salt Pans - CBD

Spinalonga & Elounda -
Fraser Paintain

Ipanema Beach - Dave Akehurst

Hope Kafeneion Mavrikiano - CD

More Pics wanted

Spinalonga from Plaka -
Angela Borland

Elounda from near the Canal Bar -  Dave Akehurst

Windmills above Pines - CD

CD and CBD cruising -
Rob Capp

The monastery of Arkhadi - CBD

Elounda Early Eve in Dec. - CBD

Oxa From The Bay - John

Agios Nikolaos lake  -CD

 Agios Nikolaos lake

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