Our visitors to Elounda and Agios Nikolaos in 2007

Chris with Pat, our Winter neighbour

Steve and Bernie over from Agios Nikolaos

Danny and Glynn in Oasis

Julie and Christine in Oasis

Maureen, Belle, Maggie, Dave, me and John at Kantouni

Steve, Maureen, Belle, John, Christine and my Amstel

Christine, Seamus and Barbara on Spinalonga

Elaine and PJ at Mam's

Kath and Trevor at Arion

Penny from Australia

Christine and Angela at Mam's

Bill, Bob and Clem

Marion, Andrew and Christine

Paul and Christine (Everton fans!) outside Malibu

Christine and David (Clarets fan!) in Malibu

Please rehome us, we are house trained.

One more bark and I'll pull your ears off!

David and Elaine with Elounda regulars

Cath (ex Sea Breeze) looking a bit 'Sunday Best'

Ali, Chris, Andy, Macy, YT and Clare

More mug shots :-)

Danny on the Seahog, Trish and Christine

Drew, Steve, Colin and Christine at Vlihadia Taverna

Andy and Macy

Tricia and Dave at Arion

Chris and Clare (enjoying legal fag) at Kantouni

Christine, Bev and Brent at Kantouni

Dave and Jean and ....

 ...Barry at Kantouni (popular place!)






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