Policy and Technical background

The boring but serious stuff


Policy (serious bit)

We operate a policy of continuous improvement and welcome any constructive criticism. The Feedback form or the Guestbook can be used for this purpose.
Most photographs used have been taken by ourselves and we have tried to get the subject's permission (within reason) to publish them on our pages. If anyone objects to a particular photo (or article) where they are part of the subject matter please let us know and give us a valid email address so we can check the validity of the request.
If anyone objects to anything on our webpages please let us know the offending article and your reasons for objection to its inclusion on our website. Articles may be removed subject to our discretion, it is not our intention to offend anyone. It is also not our intention to breach any copyrights. If we have please accept our apologies and let us know where this has occurred.
We will accept links to other websites at our discretion, requests can be submitted on the feedback form or emailed to the stated addresses. If anyone wants to put a link to us on their website feel free and if you let us know we will reciprocate if we like your site.
Most photos have been compressed for ease of loading so the quality is not suitable for saving. If anyone would like an original just let us know the photo description and the page it's on.

"Technical" Info

The site was originally created using TrellionWebpage, but I now mainly use Kompozer (free from Mozilla) and CoffeeCup's WYSIWYG HTML editor.
Our site is hosted by Madasafish and they also have useful guidelines for website designers, the feedback form is courtesy of one of their tutorials. For uploading I use smartFTP free from SmartSoft Ltd which is also supported by online tutorials (link above). I only use this in preference to anything else because I played with it first and like it! The only downside is that you have to reinstall it after 30 days or pay for it which I have now done.
The visitor counter on the first page is provided free by StatCounter who also keep your statistics so you can check and compare visitors on a daily basis. Click the link above. They also provide a number of free web 'goodies'.
I use Pixresizer to down-size photos and save memory, another free and very useful utility.
I also use ThumbsPlus 7 which as well as managing my photos lets me create thumbnail webpages, the pages load quickly and look more professional than my own attempts. This too can be used on a free trial basis. I've used it for years even before I created the website (I started with ThumbsPlus 3.3). You can download it for free at Cerious (link above).
Good sites for downloading Shareware and Freeware which I use are Snapfiles, CNet and FileHippo.

On a final note this page has been created with a template from Andreas Viklunds' site (link below) who provides them for free and also gives tutorials on how to amend them. Thank you Andreas.