Old Bacup

St. James Square

Start of Burnley Road

Bacup Centre pre 1890

Burnley Road Bacup 1912

St. James Square 1927 (with tram lines)

St. James Street flood damage

Bacup Centre 1927

St. James Street flood damage 1954

Union Street from the bottom

Union Street from the top during flood

Union Street

Union Street flooded

St. James Street with bridge (C.C. Bacup Bridge)

St. James Street with Monument

Bacup Con Club and bridge

Bacup Con Club and Monument

Bacup Baths - Big pool

Bacup Station - Small train

Bacup baths large pool

Bacup Station platform

Bacup Centre Shops

The start of 'Plant Back' - Plantation Street

Bacup centre shops

Plant Back from Market Street

Culverting the River Irwell on Burnley Road

Bacup Market in the 70's

Building Culvert over the Irwell

Bacup market's 'new' location


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